Selected Recent Publications

   Viscarra, J.A., Wang, Y., Nguyen, H.P. et al. Histone demethylase JMJD1C is phosphorylated by mTOR to activate de novo lipogenesis.Nat Commun 11, 796 (2020).

   Nguyen, H.P., Yi, D., Lin, D., Viscarra, JA.,...Sul, H.S.Aifm2, a NADH Oxidase, Supports Robust Glycolysis and Is Required for Cold- and Diet-Induced Thermogenesis. Molecular Cell, 77, 1-18.

   Yi, D., Dempersmier, J. M., Nguyen, H. P., Viscarra, J. A., Dinh, J., Tabuchi, C., . . . Sul, H. S. (2019). Zc3h10 Acts as a Transcription Factor and Is Phosphorylated to Activate the Thermogenic Program. Cell Rep, 29(9), 2621-2633.e2624. doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2019.10.099

    Gulyaeva O, Nguyen H, Sambeat A, Heydari K, Sul HS. Sox9-Meis1 Inactivation required for Adipogenesis, Advancing Pref-1+ to PDGFRα+ Cells. Cell Reports 25, 1002-1017 2018.

    Sambeat A, Gulyaeva O, Dempersmier J, Sul HS. Epigenetic Regulation of Brown adipose tissue program and thermogenesis. Trends Endo. Met. 28, 19-31, 2017.

    Viscarra J, Wang Y, Kim S-J, Hong I, Sul HS. Transcriptional activation of de novo fatty acid synthesis by insulin requires MED17 phosphorylation by CK2.  Science Signaling 10, 467, 2017.

    Kim S-J, Tang T, Abbott M, Viscarra JA, Wang Y, Sul HS. AMPK phosphorylates desnutrin/ATGL and HSL to regulate lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation within adipose tissue. Mol. Cell. Biol. 36, 1961-1976, 2016.

    Sambeat A, Gulyaeva O, Dempersmier J, Tharp K, Stahl A, Paul SM, Sul HS.  LSD1 interacts with Zfp516 to promote UCP1 transcription and Brown Fat Program. Cell Reports 15, 2536-2549 2016.

    Perry RJ, Camporez J-PG, Kursawe R, Titchenell PM, Zhang D, Perry CJ, Jurczak MJ, Han MS, Zhang X- M, Ruan H-B, Yang X, Caprio S, Kaech SM, Sul HS, Birnbaum MJ, Davis RJ, Cline GW, Petersen KF, Shulman GI. Hepatic acetyl CoA regulates insulin action and links adipose tissue inflammation with hepatic insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Cell 160, 745-758, 2015.

    Wang Y, Viscarra JA, Kim, S-J, Sul HS. Transcriptional regulation of lipogenesis. Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell. Biol. 16, 678-689, 2015.

Dempersmier J, Sambeat A, Gulyaeva O, Paul SM, Hudak C, Raposo H, Kwan HY, Kang C, Wong RH, Sul HS. Cold-inducible Zfp516 promotes browning of white Fat and is required for brown fat development. Molecular Cell 57, 235-246, 2015.

    Hudak CS, Gulyaeva O, Park SM, Lee L, Kang C, Sul HS. Pref-1 marks early mesenchymal precursors required for adipose tissue development and expansion. Cell Reports 8, 678-687, 2014.

    Tang T, Abbott MJ, Ahmadian M, Lopes AB, Wang Y, Sul HS. Desnutrin/ATGL Activates PPARd to Promote Mitochondrial function and Insulin Secretion in Islet b cells. Cell Metabolism 18, 883-895, 2013.

    Wang Y, Wong RH, Tang T, Hudak CS, Yang D, Duncan RE, Sul HS. Phosphorylation and recruitment of BAF60c in chromatin remodeling for lipogenesis in response to insulin. Molecular Cell 49, 283-297, 2013.

    Ahmadian M, Abbott MJ, Tang T, Hudak CS, Kim Y, Bruss M, Hellerstein MK, Lee H-Y, Samuel VT, Shulman G I, Wang Y, Duncan RE, Kang C, Sul HS. Adipose-specific ablation of desnutrin/ATGL promotes a brown-to-white adipose phenotype; Regulation by AMPK. Cell Metabolism 13,739-748, 2011.

   Wang Y, Zhao L Smas CM, Sul HS. Pref-1 interacts with fibronectin to inhibit adipocyte differentiation. Mol. Cell. Biol. 30, 3480-3492, 2010.

   Sul HS. Pref-1: role in adipogenesis and mesenchymal cell fate. Mol. Endo. 23. 1717-1725, 2009

   Wang Y, Sul HS. Pref-1 regulates mesenchymal cell commitment and differentiation through Sox9. Cell Metabolism 9, 287-302, 2009

   Ahmadian M, Duncan RE, Varady KA, Frasson D, Hellerstein MK, Birkenfeld AL, Samuel VT, Shulman GI, Wang Y, Kang C, Sul HS. Adipose overexpression of desnutrin promotes fatty acid use and attenuates diet- induced obesity. Diabetes 58, 855-866, 2009.

   Wong RH, Chang I, Hudak CS, Hyun S, Kwan H-Y, Sul HS. A role of DNA-PK for the metabolic gene regulation in response to insulin.  Cell 136, 1056-1072, 2009.

   Jaworski K, Ahmadian M, Duncan RE, Sarkadi-Nagy E, Varady KA, Hellerstein MK, Lee H-Y, Samuel VT, Shulman GI, Kim K-H, de Val S, Kang C, Sul HS. AdPLA ablation increases lipolysis and prevents obesity induced by high-fat feeding or leptin deficiency. Nature Medicine 15, 159-168, 2009.


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